1st Stop: Underground

Edwin and I arrived to Moscow a week ago. Since then much of our time has been spent becoming oriented to the city and the subway system.

The Moscow underground, or Metro, is one of Stalin’s great achievements and part of his plan for rebuilding the city. Built in the 1940’s it was to serve also as a bomb shel,ter for the entire city therefore the stations are very deep. The escalators are so steep and long that they could be chair lifts to a ski trail in the Franconia Notch. The unbreakable rule on the escalator is that everyone (EVERYONE!) must stand on the right side which allows anyone in a hurry to get past with no trouble. If one does not stand on the right side one is shown in no uncertain terms where one should stand.

The Moscow Metro is a sightseeing attraction in its own right. The station platforms and concourses resemble miniature palaces with chandeliers, sculptures, and lavish mosaics. The system is efficient (trains arrive only a couple of minutes apart) and the marble floors, walls and columns are spotless.

For the most part we have been left to our own devices but thanks to the efficiency of the Metro, a good guide book, and my personal Israeli army logistics officer, Moscow is very accessible.  Here are  pictures from a few of the stations.

Moscow's Metro 2   Moscow Metro 2  Moscow Metro 3   Moscow Metro 4Moscow Metro 5           Metro 7         Metro 6

 There has been some snow with temperatures around freezing – not bad at all.


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