Russia and the Jews » Moscow’s Main Synagogue

Grand Choral Synagogue


Plans for the Grand Choral Synagogue in Moscow began in 1881 when Austrian architect Semyon Eibuschitz was hired by the community. His first set of building plans was denied by the authorities but his second draft was accepted and building began 1887. Work was halted by the city in 1888 when once again the authorities intervened not allowing the dome nor the image of the Tablets of Moses which were set on the exterior of the building. After five years of struggle the community was given the choice of selling or donating to charity the unfinished building. The Russian Revolution of 1905 lifted the bans on houses of worship but by that time Eibuschitz was dead. Architect Roman Klien was hired to the complete the construction and the synagogue opened its doors in 1906.

2 Responses to “Moscow’s Main Synagogue”

  1. Daniel Says:

    I will visit St. Petersburg in August. I would like to visit this synagogue. If possible as a Jew I would like to pray there. Wonderful place.

    Thank you, Daniel

    • marlena1st Says:

      We enjoyed a lovely Shabbat service at the synagogue. August is bound to be more pleasant weather than February! Bon voyage.

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